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If you support gay marriage reblog this. If you’re on the homophobic side, keep scrolling.







As a bisexual, it sickens me that some people WILL keep scrolling.

As the straight daughter of a gay man, it sickens me that some people will keep scrolling. 

As a straight girl with a basic understanding of equality and love, it also sickens me that people will keep scrolling.

As a straight Christian woman, I pray that people will not scroll past this. Love, not judge.

I’m re-reblogging for that last one.

As a man of a tiny wee bit of sanity who knows that scrolling past a gif does say nothing about your attitude towards the sexuality of other people… ahh well….

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it’s such a shame the young, chavy, tracksuit wearing arctic monkeys didn’t stick around for a couple more years and produce a few more albums about jumping a taxi in Sheffield after a night out or whatever. They were something fresh and energetic and relatable and original and it pisses me off so much what they’ve turned into now

They never were that good. They had that one song, but it was “indie fastfood”. Absolutely delicious, but not much to digest on. On the first record I personally already realized I had been fooled and never cared anymore. The for a while Alex Turner was the pop-guitars-God of the time, but I never understood why. Complaining now that they are “not anymore” is weird to me, as I think they never “were”.

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After all these years of living on the edge of town I finally reside next to a lovely river again.

After all these years of living on the edge of town I finally reside next to a lovely river again.

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i swear, sometimes i just want to quit this website because of how ignorant some people are

I absolutely love the “cultural appropriation” one. It’s so fucking misguided. It is so absolutely and utterly wrong it is funny. It is so funny I want to vomit. So, using a foreign language is wrong because some fucktard think it’s offensive. the WHOLE POINT of learning a foreign language is UNDERSTANDING. Being able to communicate in a different environment. Being able to UNDERSTAND other humans who are not from my neck of the woods. But apparently one shouldn’t do that, because some MISERABLE kid with tinfoil-hat thinks that is “cultural appropriation”. Damn, I have encountered NOTHING that broadens the horizon of people more than learning a foreign language. I am even going as far as making this the one mandatory thing I’d implement in the school system - going abroad for at least a year - but no no no no …in the age of being enraged about anything learning a foreign language is something twisted fucks declare as WRONG.

Again, don’t get me wrong…. we need feminism, we need the LGBT community, we need people being aware of and fighting against social issue, but GODDAMMIT we need some SENSE with it too. Your “political correctness” has gone wicked. For FUCKS SAKE, take a step back and try to remember what the core of this was…understanding. Trying (not succeeding…just TRYING) to not judge people by their colour, gender, sexuality, religion et al….

Maybe some shouldn’t preach this all the time, but simply live these values? It’d do so much more than being stupid on tumblr….

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